Commercial Drones Need
Connectivity Assurance.

As a drone manufacturer or operator, you need to ensure that your drone communication meets the necessary aviation requirements in terms of availability, continuity, and low latency. 

That’s exactly what Voltela does.

This Is Our Solution.

Data via Voice
+ Broadband


Voltela SW on Off-the-Shelf HW

Guaranteed Link Priority

All Networks Access "XG"

Performance Monitoring

Seamless Integration


Our Unique Value Proposition.

  • Use any mobile network and get 100% link quality

  • Safely plan routes using aerial network coverage maps

  • Easily and affordably integrate Iridium satcom backup

  • Enjoy plug and play
    compatibility with MAVLink/PX4

  • Get global BVLOS C2 and broadband communication

  • Scale your operations with software tools and cloud services

  • Based on the latest drone communication technology

  • Tailor-made solution to fit your needs

  • The best drone communication tool on the market

Determined To Build The Future Of New Airborne Services

Our dedicated team has developed the world’s first drone communication technology that provides users with high-quality UAS communication without needing new mobile networks. By using prioritized voice channels, our UAS software communication solution is reliable, affordable, and ensures low-latency communication every time.

Pioneering The Way Towards Better UAS Communication 

Our state-of-the-art innovations provide embedded service assurance thanks to our exceptional attention to detail and design. We’re setting industry standards by creating software solutions that exceed our clients’ data delivery and service quality expectations at every opportunity.

We Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than The Best Solution

We’re here to prove that when it comes to drone communication technology, flying without the best solutions is simply not acceptable. Reach out to our team today if you’d like to learn more about our software solutions and how they can transform your drone communication forever.



Safety-Critical Communication.
Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 8.38.49 PM.png

Commercial drones are fundamentally changing industry verticals as we know them. The world needs a suitable Command and Control solution to enable operations Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) – but finding the right one simply isn’t that easy.

While remote control might seem effective, its limited communication ranges tend to ground progress sooner than later. Satcoms allow for global coverage, but come at an incredible cost. 4G-LTE does mitigate costs, but still won’t provide users with the service assurance they need to comply with aviation standards.

We've Created The Solution ...
... And Now, We're Best In Class.

Instead of using regular data channels with "best effort" link quality in 4G or 5G, we use the superior quality of voice channels in any network generation instead. This means we’re able to ensure reliable, high-priority, and low-latency links across 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Scalable Service Assurance.

Upcoming 5G technologies recognize that different applications can have different requirements on Quality of Service (QoS). For instance, 5G-V2X technology provides suitable communication for vehicular applications, but deployment of these particular base stations will depend on a viable business case. Drone applications would require a widespread deployment of 5G-V2X base stations and a substantial investment from network operators.


While satellite solutions might have global coverage, they simply cannot compare to the competitive pricing and low latency guarantees that we ensure. Our BVLOS connectivity doesn’t come at ridiculous costs, which makes us a popular choice among manufacturers and operators alike.


To learn more about our solution or to discuss a pilot project, reach out to our team now.


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